Karin lives and works from a farm on the brink on the Danish fjord Limfjorden in the northern part of Jutland. Here she creates her characteristic art quilts, runs a successful shop and teaches a lot of workshops and classes during the winter season. Her quilts are colourful and very often depicting the surrounding landscapes, but she also makes whimsical quilts with words of wisdom or text with a twist on that will make you smile.

She mixes machine piecing, machine quilting and hand embroidery and quite often also adds texture in the form of different techniques to her surfaces. She will for instance let a thatched roof or furrows on a winter field actually stand out as a 3D representation – and interpretation of the motif – something textile can do so much better than painting. Or she will make free standing petals for a flower or in some cases the whole flower as an individual object and then attach it to the quilt. Hand embroidery is also often used for adding texture and interest to a surface.

Always having been creative she learned to sew from an early age from her mother and grandmother so it was a natural thing for her to continue using textile techniques to express her joy of life and nature. She started exhibiting in the nineties and has exhibited all over Denmark solo and with the group QQTextilKunst (formerly known as the QuilteQunstnerne), in France, Spain, Holland, Japan and Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, UK.

She is an active exhibiting member of the Danish group QQTextilKunst and the European group Art Quilt Fusion.